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Ace-ing ASD 

Ace-ing ASD: Tennis for Autism


Sport is recognised as one of the primary building blocks in an individual’s physical and mental development.

However for those who are on the ASD spectrum it can be very difficult to find a sport to engage with.

For people with ASD, being able to engage with sport not only provides the regular associated benefits but also becomes a very powerful tool for developing physical and social skills and learning processes to help with their daily challenges.

Why Tennis?

Tennis is recognised as one of the most accessible sports in the world and is enjoyed by players from as young as 2 to 102.

Playing tennis helps with physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, object tracking and anticipation.

It also helps develop emotional control and executive function decision making.

Tennis has clear rules and physical boundaries allowing participants to focus on themselves without worrying about “social taboos”.

As an individual sport, each participant is also responsible for every action and decision that happens on their side of the court.


Aaron Vissers, the Head Coach of the program, has over 25 years of experience coaching players dealing with physical and mental challenges.

Aaron has a degree in Sports Science and is a qualified Junior Development Coach with Tennis Australia as well as holding advanced qualifications for Soccer, Strength and Conditioning.

He has intimate knowledge and understanding of Autism and ADD including symptoms, presentations and the impact of medication and other factors on the participant’s behaviour.

He is passionate about junior and youth sport and creating opportunities for participation for everyone.


Flexible Options

We recognise that each individual has individual needs.

For this reason, we provide lots of flexible options for you to choose from:

Small class sizes (4 players max), Semi-private, 1 on 1 private, Competitions for all playing levels and abilities.

We try to ensure that each class is made up of players of similar ability and maturity (physical and mental) levels.


Encouraging and Positive Environment

At Jim Wid Tennis we recognise that executive functioning and impulse control are two of the key areas of impact for those dealing with Autism.

We also understand that many of the actions and behaviours of those with Autism are difficult to manage for the individual and we pride ourselves on working with this, not against it.

Our goal is to help participants develop strategies to better manage these issues, both on court and in their daily life.



We recognise that anxiety is a major barrier that those with Autism experience and are challenged by.

At JWT, we take a very gentle approach to introducing new participants. They are free to watch for as long as they need, for as many sessions as they need, before they join in when they are ready. Participants are also able to bring a support person on court with them for as long as needed.

You can also come meet and watch your coach while they are taking another session so you already know who and what to expect.


NDIS Funding

The NDIS does cover Tennis Lesson fees, Competitions fees, and Club Memberships.

Our program is valid for players whose NDIS Funding is Plan Managed and Self Managed only.


Sport and Recreation falls into the following NDIS funding categories:

  • Social and Community Participation

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Relationships

  • Choice and Control


Please visit the NDIS Sports Guide for more information and assistance: (link)



JWT offers the Autism/ADD program at Spring Gully Tennis Club, Strathdale Park Tennis Club, and Maldon Tennis Club.

We can also bring the program to your backyard.



The Autism program is designed for those with Autism but we have found that siblings and friends often make participation easier and more fun.

Just as Autism does not discriminate against age, neither do we, and we will do our best to provide sessions that meet your individual needs and goals.


What do I need to bring?

All you need to participate in our program is yourself, a drink bottle and appropriate footwear.

We can provide racquets for any participants who don’t have one as well as all other equipment used during the session.

We do encourage participants to purchase their own racquets, especially those who intend to continue ongoing.

Our coaches are available to help you choose the racquet, and any other equipment that is best for you.

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