Tennis Goals Survey

The aim of Jim Wid Tennis is to give players the opportunity to reach their individual tennis goals.

This short survey can be used by coaches and parents alike to ascertain what players look for in their chosen sport.

There are no right or wrong answers, these are about what THE PLAYER wants - no one else.

Please feel free to discuss any part of this with us or with anyone else.







List two things you are strong at: ____________________________________       _____________________________________


List one thing you need to improve: ___________________________________________________________


What do you enjoy about playing tennis ___________________________________________________________________________


What do you enjoy about coaching sessions ______________________________________________________________________


What level of tennis is your ultimate goal? (See Players & Parents article) (Circle one) 


Social / Social Competitive / High Level Competitive / Elite

What is your goal for the upcoming season?  (Circle one or more)


Play at a higher grade / Improve / Have fun / Meet new friends / Win trophies

Would you like to play more or less with friends and family ________________________________________________


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