Adult & Private Coaching


Tennis is a great game regardless of what age or ability you start to play it.

Adult Group Coaching (Max 4 per group)


If you want to take your competitive play to the next level or get more out of your game, we have lessons to suit. Adult Group classes cater to all levels and can be arranged to fit in with busy schedules. We offer an enthusiastic and social environment and are also flexible for those wishing to start their own group.

We offer three types of adult group sessions based on the type of lesson you are looking for:  

If you're new to the game or wanting to hone your shots or technique. 

For those who are looking to up their game and play doubles like the pros! Perfect for teams.

If you’re after a high energy workout with lots of hitting.

Private Coaching


Private lessons are the best way to improve your game, fast.  Our coaches are experts in identifying areas for improvement, such as footwork, control, or rallying consistency. Emphasis is placed on improving stroke technique progressively and in tune with the player’s individual standard and ability.


A one off lesson can help iron out a kink in your game or we offer 10 week programs tailor made to your individual needs. Private lessons can really make the difference. 


Private lessons work best when combined with a group lesson to provide the opportunity to work on specific shots whilst in a competitive playing environment.

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